MEETING 1 --- Poland --- Nov. 2013


The first project meeting took place in Gorzów Wielkopolski in Poland, from 12 till 17 November 2013. During the visit, we presented our schools and countries to each other, talked about the similarities and differences and worked on the project. The tasks assigned to each country were discussed and the dates of the next two meetings were set.


The weather was not very pleasant, quite chilly and foggy, typical for Polish November so we limited the trips outdoors to the one to the eco – farm in Stanowice, which specialises in biomass. We also provided some entertainment for our guests: a meeting in the Jazz Club with a presentation of the city and the Small Jazz Academy, as well as an amusing play at the theatre.


We were really happy to hold the meeting full of first impressions and unforgettable moments.


The Polish team


MEETING 2 --- Portugal --- Jan. - Feb. 2014


From January 27 to February 2, 2014, the School D. Manuel I held the 2nd meeting of the SHARES

project, European Comenius programme.


This was the 1st meeting with students of this project, bringing together 28 students and 14 foreign teachers. There were 28 families involved and several other students participated in most of the activities, plus there was a great involvement of the Students' Union. In addition, we should also refer to the invaluable availability presented by former students of this school. In all, there were about 80-90 people involved.


All scheduled activities were carried out, highlighting particularly the brainstorming sessions

conducted entirely by students, the study visit to Alqueva Hydroelectric Power Station, Brinches

Solar Plant facility and the study visit / lecture at INOVGRID EDP, Évora.


In terms of the project, the following objectives were achieved:

- Two sessions of work sessions for country’s presentations, in which each session was followed by a

brainstorming on characterization and energy potential of the represented European regions, plus

the characterization of each of the partners and their energy domestic habits in the schools (each session had in attendance classes that voluntarily wanted to watch);

- Visit to energy plants including: Alqueva Hydroelectric Power Station, Brinches Solar Plant;

- Explanation sessions concerning energy operation in Portugal, both in terms of production or

innovation; these sessions took place in Alqueva Hydroelectric Power Station and in the INOVGRID

EDP facilities, Évora.

- Cultural exchange with all the foreign students who were welcomed by the Portuguese families and full inclusion during scheduled cultural activities: visit to the historic center of Beja; reception at Beja’s Town Hall, visit to the historic center of Évora and dance and film workshops (organized by the school's

Student Association).


In addition the meeting also allowed:

- School Inclusion in an international network of educational institutions that addresses the issues of energy sustainability;

- Cultural exchange between Portuguese and foreign students fostering spirit of friendship, sharing

and tolerance;

- Practice of development of the English language, colloquially and academically (in the presentation

of the work);

- Developing synergies between students and teachers to achieve common goals;

- Development of a cross-sectional study involving different school sectors, through the Special

Education and the Student Association;

- Greater involvement of the school community.


Pedro Soares Martinho

LOGO COMPETITION --- Nov. - Dec. 2013


In November every country chose a logo in their school’s national competition to participate in the European Logo Competition. The 7 logos were placed in the Gallery and the voting could begin. The results of this SHARES Logo Competition can also be found in the Gallery. The final took place on December 13, 2013. The results were announced in a videoconference. Congratulations to all the participating students! The logos were all of high standard!

SHARES of Our Own


In Portugal every country presented a video made by the students. With these videos we look into the energy waste at school and at home.


Clicking on the image on the left will lead you to the page where you can find the videos of all the partner schools.



National SHARES


Every partner school did research on renewable energy in their country. The results were presented in Portugal.


Clicking on the image on the left will lead you to the page where you can find the presentations of all the partner schools.

MEETING 3 --- Spain --- April 2014


From the 1st to the 6th of April 2014, a SHARES Comenius meeting took place in Spain. The participating students carried out different activities around the study of the past and present of

renewable energies, and there were some teambuilding events amongst the students and teachers of the different schools.


On Wednesday, the students were welcomed with an activity to ease the communication amongst them. After that, the participants were warmly welcomed by the Principal of the school, Charo de Miguel. During the working sessions that followed, each school presented the posters about the selected renewable energy that is best suited for each national model.


Later that day, the SHARES community was warmly welcomed by the Mayor of Azuqueca de Henares, Pablo Bellido. The group also travelled by bus to the historical city of Sigüenza, paying a visit to the energy centre of Iberdrola and the wind farm in Maranchon.


On Thursday, we travelled to Consuegra (Toledo), where we visited the ancient windmills dating back to the 16th century. We were able to observe their mechanisms, which showed us that our ancestors were already masters in the use of renewable energies. A group of Spanish students performed a Quijote chapter of the worldwide known Spanish writer Cervantes. The story took place on those very steps of the windmills. Later we visited an oil mill, which uses olive pits as an energy source.


On Friday, a photovoltaic plant in Yebes (Guadalajara) was visited, as well as the electric car rechargable point at the University’s Botanic Garden. The University of Alcala de Henares is one of the oldest universities in Europe, and we also had the opportunity to visit it and its 16th century assembly hall. In the afternoon, teachers and students took part in a talk with the environmental councilor about the Agenda XXI in our city.


Saturday was a free day to visit Madrid or to spend time with the host families. In the evening, the farewell dinner put an end to our meeting, with a masterclass in Spanish dancing.


The Spanish team

SHARES of Knowledge


We were running the "SHARES of Knowledge" survey between February 26 and March 17, in all 7 partner schools! Approximately 100 students per school filled in the online survey. During the Portuguese meeting, multinational student groups came up with questions for this survey. Let's see what we, students, know about Renewable Energy and what our habits are ...

The results were presented during the meeting in Spain. Clicking on the image on the left will lead you to the presentation of these results.

Comparing SHARES


In Spain students of every school presented a poster, discussing which form of energy would be best suited for their school and which brainstorm ideas they had already come up with for the model to be build next year.

Clicking on the image on the left will lead you to the posters of all the partner schools.

MEETING 4a --- Germany --- September 2014


From September 28 till September 30 we met in Düsseldorf, Germany. We visited Bayer and the research facilities at Duisburg University (fuel cells).

MEETING 4b --- Belgium --- October 2014

In the evening of Tuesday the 30th of September, the group that was visiting Düsseldorf came to Belgium by bus, to continue the meeting in Belgium. All host families were very excited and waiting in school to greet the students and teachers of the six visiting countries.


On the 1st of October, the visiting students took part in four workshops at our school. They made a wind mill from a soda can to power a LED lamp and decorated a lamp shade made from thin wood in the departments of Textile and Design, Elektricity and Mechanics. On the other campus, the horticultural school, they watched a presentation about aquaculture, an innovative project in our school and saw how it worked in the greenhouses. They also made a flower arrangement, to give to the host families. After the workshops we went to Ostend to visit GreenBridge, a science park working on new technologies with alternative energy. On the way home we even had a little bit of time to stop at the beach. Some even went in the sea.


The next day we went to Brussels to visit the Parlamentarium. There we learned more about the history of the European Parliament. For the rest of the day, we took the time to visit the city Brussels. Some went to see Manneken Pis (the peeing boy), others enjoyed a Belgian waffle and so on.


On Friday we went back to Ostend to visit Biostoom. There we learnt more about the process of making green energy from waste products. Afterwards we went to the Provincial House in Bruges where they offered us a lunch. Later we visited the city Bruges itself. It is a very beautiful city and we think everyone enjoyed it very much.


In the evening it was time for a farewell dinner with all the countries together. The school offered us a choice of Belgian dishes and desserts. We could also enjoy a performance of each country, singing in their national language. Many students also took the opportunity to pose for a picture in our "photo studio".


We can really say it was an unforgettable week and we hope everyone will come back to visit Belgium again!

The Belgian team

SHARES Day 2014


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SHARES in Research


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SHARES in Action


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SHARES in Branding


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SHARES in Innovation


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SHARES in Europe


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SHARES in a Better Future: e-Booklet


Clicking on the image on the left will lead you to the e-booklet written by us all.

SHARES Day 2015


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SHARES Flipboard


Clicking on the image on the left will lead you to a wonderful flipboard, provided by the German partner school.


Let's get inspired during our preparations for the models!

SHARES in Creativity


During the Comenius meeting in Spain, from 1 - 6 April 2014, students of every school took part in the workshop "SHARES in Creativity". They sat together in multinational groups to discuss the ideas for the models, giving opinions and suggestions on the ideas presented during "Comparing SHARES" and to help decide on what each country should build as an original model powered by the country's chosen source of energy. Each multinational group of students was assigned one country. The technical teachers who came to the meeting were leading the multinational discussion group for their own country.


Simply click on the image on the left to go to the pictures of this activity.

MEETING 5 --- Cyprus --- Feb. - March 2015


From February 25 till March 4 we met in Limassol, Cyprus. We took part in the National Science Conference and presented our models. Click on the PDF symbol to see an overview of this event.

MEETING 6 --- Romania --- April 2015


Liceul Tehnologic ”Gheorghe Duca”, Constanta had the pleasure to be the guest of the last meeting in the Comenius project SHARES, from April 18 till April 22, 2015.


This final meeting was a very important one because its main aim was to talk about significant issues regarding the Final Report which has to be done by every partner in the project and also presenting the documents every country must prepare. Three working sessions took place, during which each partner presented a short report on the activities done in the project.


Each day had a rigurous schedule with relevant activities for the theme of the project. So, during the first day of the meeting the participants from the seven countries visited Tulcea and the Danube Delta. The Fantanele – Cogealac wind farm was also visited on our way to Tulcea. The trip in the Danube Delta gave us the opportunity to show our guests a unique beauty, hidden by its flora and fauna.


The second day was the official one, dedicated to meeting the Mayor of the city and visiting our institution. After a short walk through the Marina, the participants met two of our local officials, Accoium Mustafa Levent and Anefi Ersun. The visit to our school offered us the chance to present to our guests not only the school itself, but also relevant facts about the educational system in Romania. The working sessions were based on discussions about the elements of the Final Report.



The last day was an opportunity to show our guests the beauty of our city, Constanta. They visited ”Mircea cel Bătrân” Naval Academy and the Natural Sciences Museum, including the Planetarium and the Aquarium. The evening gave us the chance to familiarize our guests with Romanian cuisine. It was the night of the farewell party, but not only for the meeting in Romania, but for the entire project. This meeting gave our guests the opportunity to get to know our culture, traditions and customs.


It was very nice to have you all here!


The Romanian team


SHARES Touring Europe


During this 2-year project, we visited several locations all over Europe where they work with Renewable Energy. Click on the PDF symbol to see an overview of these places.