„SHARES“ is aiming to promote the need for Energy Conservation and the advantages of using Renewable Energy Sources which are environmentally friendly and ensure Environmental Sustainability. The European Union has set the ambitious goal of achieving a 20% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020, targeting towards a sustainable and inclusive growth.


Through the course of this project, a series of activities will nurture our sensitivity on this goal. We will develop innovative and progressive ideas for the exploitation of Renewable Energy Sources. Therefore we will prepare presentations, short films, photographic reports, leaflets, posters and write a booklet. Furthermore we will conduct researches and surveys, build models powered by Renewable Energy Sources and participate in a plethora of local and international events.



Six meetings will take place, giving us the opportunity to work side by side, exchange ideas, visit Renewable Energy plants, Energy Services, organize common events and meet with academics, professionals, stakeholders and Government Officials.



SHARES is a Synergy of European Schools. Working together will enable us to achieve an outcome which would have never been possible had we worked individually. This project will establish in our minds the importance of cooperation, the foundation on which the European Union is built.



With this website we want to host all the work done during the project.



SHARES: the project